Headache Clinics

Neuro NSW Headache Clinics

Headaches that are new, persistent, chronic and/or incapacitating can hinder an individual’s quality of life, and often require prompt medical intervention.

At NeuroNSW, our headache clinics are managed by our specialist Headache nurse practitioners, in conjunction with a neurological consultation with Dr Baumann.

Headaches are often a primary diagnosis (e.g., tension headache, migraine, cervicogenic headache) rather than a symptom of another systemic disease. By gathering a detailed history (as well as completing some investigations), Dr Baumann and our nurse practitioners can help diagnose your headache condition and discuss management options. Our clinical nurse practitioners are readily contactable over the course of your headache treatment plan, to help manage and discuss your symptomatology.

Dr Baumann also offers botulinum toxin injections for the therapeutic management of migraine and headache, particularly if conventional medications and treatments fail to alleviate the patient’s symptoms.