Parkinson's Clinics

Neuro NSW Parkinson’s (and other movement disorder) Clinics

At NeuroNSW, we subspecialise our weeks and days into parkinson’s clinics that solely focus on tremor, movement dysfunction and the diagnosis and management of Parkinsonian disorders.

Many people can suffer from occasional tremors in their hands (commonly known as physiologic tremors); other times it can be a hereditary condition that runs through your family (such as hereditary, benign essential tremors)

Tremor is also associated with Parkinson’s disease, with nearly 80% of patient’s having some form of tremor at initial diagnosis.

Management and treatment of Parkinson’s and other movement disorders can vary on the stage and severity of the disease, as well as its syndromic features.

Patient’s wanting a review of Parkinson’s or other tremor disorders require neurological consultation with Dr Baumann during these designated clinical days.